BongoSquare’s pick on the top five industries with online presence!

The online market has been seen a significant boom in the recent years and business entities spread across various industries have made the most of it while trying to establish their presence in the digital scheme of things. Ever since the first batch of industries ventured into the online market, a lot of industries have followed suit and have made extravagant leaps forward in terms of business and capturing a bigger customer segment than before. The wide reach of the brands and the adequate connectivity across geographical borders have ensured a bigger market for the industries. Here are the top five industries that have made it big with their online presence.

Banking Industry

The Banking industry may not have been the first ones to take full advantage of the online segment, but were smart enough to make the push the limits of current technology to boost their brand and services through web pages and mobile applications. Cash Transactions, Opening up a new account, checking your passbook entries, buying shares online are some of the very renowned services provided to the end users – all with a single click of a button on a mobile phone. This has saved a lot of time for its customers and has allowed the customers to break free from the long lines and long faces at the banks


ISP/Telecom Industry

Telecom and ISP industry – being the very base on which the online markets are built, the industry has become competitive over the past few decades. New innovation and technologies have progressed, courtesy of a healthy competition between them. Mobile applications and Web Portals to pay bills, post customer complaints and requesting a new service has helped them capture a larger customer base and expand their business over new horizons

Retail Industry

By Retail industry, one should not confuse themselves over the E-commerce domains like Flipkart and Amazon. The retail industry across various verticals like Electronics and Textiles has come a long way ever since they stepped into the online market.  Products like Dell, OnePLus, Apple and other exclusive products have their own online stores to cater to the needs of their loyal customers. They also include customer service when needed.

Film Industry

One of the biggest and the largest gainer with an online presence – The film industry may not have exclusive mobile applications, but opening up exclusive FB pages and Youtube channels to promote trailers and movies have now become a cost effective way of marketing.  It is believed that the comments from the viewers of such promotions can help the movie makers understand the hype and expectations on the movie even before its release and can help the production house make amends to draw first blood during the movie’s initial days of release.

Food Industry

Gone are those days when weekends meant a special dinner with the family at a famous restaurant. The food industry has progressed and has taken customer retention to a whole new level – Not with the exquisite cuisines, but by providing access to customers to order food online and receive it at their door step at the earliest. Some of them even provide a 30 minute delivery guarantee, where in the order is provided free of cost if proven to be

With all said and done, the online market seems to throw a lot of surprises and is expected to have a lot of head room to expand and progress in the most unexpected ways. If you are a business entity looking to tilt the odds in your favor through an online presence, reach out to us at or write to us at for more details