Why should Small & Medium Businesses Go Mobile?

It comes without a saying – Big things start with humble beginnings. It may relate to just about anything on a universal space and business entities are not an exception. Most of the big industries today started small and eventually made their way into the big league in a span of few countable decades or more. But a lot has changed over those time span. We now belong to a generation, an era of impatience and speed. No matter good you be, you are left behind if you fail to cope up with the modern day advancements. Small and medium business entities cannot afford the financial muscle as the ones in the big league, but they can work smart with their presence in a mobile application. People may have their own ideas over the concept, but for the interested lot, BongoSquare lists out the few reasons as to why SME should Go Mobile first up!


Branding leaping over geographical constraints: One of the most regular constraints that an SME would face early would be on the financial aspects of its day to day operations. Considering new projects and success waiting on the other side of the border, one cannot hustle up with haste and open up a new project center without proper planning and financial allocation. By the time, all the pieces fall into place, the project would be long gone. Having a mobile application ensures that the company can operate across all possible directions without having to break the bank account. The mobile application would be available globally and anyone interested could contact the SME or place an order via the same.

Quality Customer care: A mobile application can help the SME to retain its loyal customers. A customer query, request or a complaint can be answered within minutes which would help the customers feel happy about their association with the SME

Cost Efficient and requires less manpower:  The best part about going mobile is that it is relatively cost efficient and can cut down on your manpower. With the mobile application being the one stop for customer care, placing orders etc, you can very much cut down on your marketing team, Market research (as the customers would be very much eager to write their reviews) and also it would help the SME market itself through word of mouth. All it needs is a satisfied customer requesting his fellow friend to download your application and hurrah! You have a new customer.


If you are a business entity looking to tilt the odds in your favour through an online presence, reach out to us at http://www.bongosquare.com/business or drop an email at support@thoongal.com for more details